The story of market newcomers. From scratch to incredible results: 75+ meetings in 5 months with a NPS average of 9.4


Appointments booked with Average NPS 9.4 in 5 months

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How We Helped a Recruiting Agency Book 75+ Appointments in 5 Months

- 75+ Appointments booked with Average NPS 9.4 in 5 months


Market Entry:
- Immediate partnership post-service launch.
- Goal: Enlist specialists, pinpoint target audience, generate leads, test markets, secure inaugural clients, and partners.

Diversified Industry and Decision-Maker Targeting:
- Focus on vendors/partners, software development companies, and clients.
- Challenge: Identifying appropriate decision-makers in broad requests.

Recruitment process outsourcing. The business helps tech companies solve the team puzzle and find the right people. They are new on the market.


Experimenting with Diverse Strategies:
- Conducted tests using different approaches across various target groups and industries.

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Definition:
- Assisted in defining ICP and formulating a value proposition (VP).
- Gathered extensive information about target companies to fine-tune the ICP.
- Crafted a tailored value proposition.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting:
- Managed lead generation and appointment setting.
- Built the entire outreach process from scratch.



Appointments booked with Average NPS 9.4 in 5 months

- 75+ appointments booked with Average NPS 9.4 in 5 months.
- Researched 300 high-quality leads monthly.
- Set up 75+ appointments: 40+ with partners, 15 with clients, and 20+ with candidates.
- Average outreach campaigns had over a 40% acceptance rate and a 10-15% response rate.

This success story showcases our strategic approach to market entry, diversified targeting, and the development of effective outreach campaigns, resulting in substantial appointment bookings and a high level of client satisfaction.

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