How Prok Tech provided an amazing result for an IT-outsource company: 526% ROI in 6 months


Appointments booked


Deals closed


ROI in just 6 months

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IT Outsource Success Story: 526% ROI in 6 Months

- 46 Appointments booked
- 5 Deals closed
- 526% ROI in just 6 months


Initially focused on the insurance market, the client faced the challenge of expanding their audience and devising a unique approach to properly target new markets, especially in the fintech sector.

Since 2018, CLIENT has been a key player in aiding businesses in software development through customized solutions. Delivering tailor-made digital solutions worldwide, their team of engineers, designers, and innovators has designed and developed 50+ solutions. They specialize in collaborative research and development to create next-gen applications and solutions perfectly suited to the constantly evolving market.


1. Exploring a different target sector:   
- Extensive engagement of researchers and account managers pinpointed other industries as a promising avenue for business scaling.  

2. Looking for fresh possibilities:   
- Emphasis on exploring new markets and engaging with diverse fintech companies.   
- Broadened the pipeline by reaching out to businesses in Canada, in addition to prospects in the USA.

The client's objective to broaden market reach faced initial challenges, but strategic adjustments and a targeted approach led to significant results. The iterative process showcased adaptability and effectiveness, ultimately achieving a 526% ROI in just 6 months.

For businesses seeking impactful IT outsourcing solutions, our case study demonstrates the value of a tailored approach and continuous refinement in reaching new markets and securing deals.



Appointments booked


Deals closed

- Initial traction slightly below expectations, leading to extended time invested in researching new audiences and assessing strategy efficacy.

- Subsequent adjustments scrutinizing sub-industries and titles of prospects enabled a more targeted approach.

- With each iteration, successfully scheduled 11 appointments in the third month.

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