20+ meetings in 3 months from zero. ERP system for the construction business


Appointments booked in 3 months

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Construction Business ERP Systems Success Story Built from Scratch: Effective Lead Generation Process

- 20+ Appointments booked in 3 months


1. Outreach process structure:   
- Lacked necessary structure to fully leverage client insights.   
- Required an acquisition partner with experience in optimizing outreach workflows.

2. Spam and Deliverability Concerns:   
- Client sought solutions to enhance open rates and ensure all business emails and messages reached intended recipients.

3. Comprehensive Data Analysis:   
- Client aimed to measure and compare statistics for a clear understanding of viable solutions and strategies.

Our client offers cutting-edge solutions for construction businesses, catering to both starting and established companies. Their approach involves digitizing work processes to enhance efficiency, prevent errors, improve overall quality, and maximize profit margins. Emphasizing the benefits of digital tools for collaboration, the focus is on streamlining construction-related operations both in the office and on construction sites.


1. Systematic Lead Generation Process:   
- Initiated lead research from the ground up, refining and narrowing it down to align with the client's detailed Ideal Customer Profile.   
- Geographical focus: United States and Canada, with emphasis on regions facing exorbitant construction costs.   
- Developed a new outreach campaign, including templates for LinkedIn and emails targeting the client's previous lead database.   
- Crafted multiple sequences with diverse variables for a comprehensive and attention-grabbing approach.

2. Reports and Data Analysis:   
- Weekly and monthly reports kept the client supplied with necessary lead data and statistics.   
- Increased efficiency and expanded opportunities for the company.



Appointments booked in 3 months

- Acquired comprehensive data and clear statistics within the initial month.
- Secured four appointments and generated over 10 leads for subsequent follow-ups.
- Implemented a stable outreach process and customized messages, resulting in 20 scheduled appointments.
- Initiated approximately a dozen ongoing conversations each month, paving the way for imminent deals.

This productive outcome reflects the effectiveness of our research and outreach strategy, tapping into the peak interest of leads and initiating ongoing conversations that lead to imminent deals. For a streamlined and digitized approach to construction business operations, contact us.

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